Exploring all possibilities

My background consists of working in the field of print and web design. I've done it all from logos, Wordpress websites designs, marketing and even customer service. I know what it takes to build a brand from concept to final creation not only during the design and technical stages but the branding and marketing of it as well. Other daily duties include designing online banners, print advertisements and email newsletters. Tracking email/banner engagement using Revive Adserver, Google Analytics and Bronto/Sendy email service provider (ESP) is a crucial part of my job as well. I have a good grasp of HTML and CSS experience. Also an understanding knowledge of PHP, Javascript, JQuery and SQL databases when editing Wordpress theme core files and backing up databases.I constantly research current trends in technology and design. This ensures my work continues to be relevant and that I am able to offer the best possible solutions. This isn't simply a matter of producing attractive design, but also implementing that design strategically and effectively.My goal, as always, is to harness my expertise in every way possible. I am willing to try something new and am driven by growth. As always, I am seeking to advance my career.My portfolio is the embodiment of my experience. I am confident it will provide compelling proof of my capabilities. I want to bring those capabilities and possibilities to the Toptal visual designers Community.Please feel free to visit my online portfolio at...